About my services

I provide private babywearing education, so each session is tailored specifically to you and your questions. My sessions take place either in your own home or at a meeting room in a public location, such as the Chapel Hill Public Library, or the Frontier in RTP.

With this flexibility, you can get the information and help you want and get on with your life, babywearing happily! I am happy to teach you any aspect of babywearing, from a prenatal session that introduces you to all the options, to learning how to wear baby on your back, to learning how to wear a baby and a toddler at the same time.

You are also welcome to come with any other babywearing questions. Are you about to buy a used carrier for the first time on “the swaps” (Facebook groups where people buy and sell carriers) and wondering what questions you should ask about the carrier? Or do you want to know where to find the best deals on carriers, and how to know if it is a good deal? Whatever the question, I’m here to answer it!

In addition to the standard services described, I'm happy work with you to accommodate your needs, such as a class for a group you have gathered, or accompanying you to an appointment to discuss babywearing options with your (or your child's) doctor or physical therapist.

I will bring a selection of carriers, customized based on what you are interested in learning, and weighted dolls to teach and practice with. If you have your own carriers you want help with, definitely bring them along, but if you don't have any yet that's fine too! All sessions are family friendly, feel free to bring the child you will be wearing and older siblings as well if you want. Or if your baby has not arrived yet, you can learn using one of my weighted dolls, it’s all up to you!

Sessions in meeting rooms

I will reserve a private room for us at the Chapel Hill Public Library or the Frontier in RTP, for anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours. ​


The half hour sessions are an affordable way to get help with one specific question, like learning to use carrier you already have or learning a new carry. The longer sessions are great for answering multiple questions or when you have a broad babywearing topic you want to learn about; it could be introduction to babywearing, wearing a newborn, wearing a toddler, wearing baby on your back, how to use a woven wrap, it’s up to you!


Sessions of at least an hour can also be held somewhere else you know with a good free meeting location. (If it is more than 10 miles from Carrboro there will be an additional $1 charge for every mile further.) ​


$30 for a half hour, $50 for one hour, $90 for two hours. Send me an email here, send me a message through my Facebook page, or call me at 919-904-4932 to schedule a session.

In-home Sessions

If you want to have an-depth session in the comfort of your own home, this is the option for you! Especially great if you are expecting or have a newborn and want to learn all about babywearing without having to travel. If you are new to babywearing, I’ll be happy to introduce you to all the different types of carriers.


In the 2 hour session I can teach you how to use each and help you figure out which will be the best fit for you and your baby. If you’re already familiar with babywearing, I’ll be happy to introduce you to new types of carriers or new ways to use the carriers you already have. This is an opportunity to have all of you questions answered in the comfort of your own home! ​


The 1 hr session is perfect as a prenatal session to introduce all of the options, or a session to learn how to do a back carry, while 2 hrs is often more helpful as a postnatal session that will give you time to practice using each type with your baby, but it is entirely up to you! ​​ 1 hr session is $70, 2 hr session is $115. Additional charge of $1 per mile further than 10 miles from Carrboro. Send me an email here, send me a message through my Facebook page, or call me at 919-904-4932 to schedule a session.

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