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I conduct babywearing trainings for birth workers and anyone else interested in an in-depth introduction to babywearing in a group class format. These trainings are particularly useful for lactation consultants, doulas (both birth and postpartum), and childbirth educators, but could also be relevant for midwives, labor and delivery nurses, child care workers, and more! If you would like to organize a training, I will tailor the training to the group -- a focus on nursing in carriers for lactation consultants, a focus on using carriers to care for older infants and toddlers for child care workers, and so on.


All trainings will include

  • an introductory section discussing topics including the benefits of babywearing, the origins of modern babywearing, and a quick overview of the different types of carrier, and

  • hands-on practice, using weighted dolls, with multiple types of baby carrier. You will have the chance to try some, and see and feel many more.


Past participants have really enjoyed the chance to see and try out the different types of carrier. When participants were asked in the course evaluation what their favorite part was, responses included “Trying on the wraps. So informative!!!" and "The exposure to the options and trying everything on!". When asked what they did not like about the course, responses included "all of this was very helpful so there are no 'dislikes'" and "N/A".


I am happy to travel beyond the Triangle area for this service. Costs depend on factors including number of participants, location, and length of class--please get in touch to discuss details! The best way is

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