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What is a Babywearing Educator?

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

I am a professional babywearing educator, here to work with you, to help you figure out how babywearing can help make caring for the babies and toddlers in your life easier and more fun!

But what exactly is a babywearing educator? Where do Bluebird Babywearing and other professional babywearing educators (also called babywearing consultants) fit in the babywearing community, when there are so many free ways to learn about babywearing?

It's true, there are many free options, and they can be wonderful! Every day more and more babywearing tutorials are posted on YouTube. There are a variety of Facebook groups where you can ask for more personalized help and advice. There's even free local in-person help!

YouTube videos are a fantastic resource, but there are so many things I can do in person, in a private session, that a video simply cannot do. I listen before helping you. We have a conversation, we can connect, so I can help you figure out what will work best for YOU. I can say “oh, if you tighten this part a little more, and spread it over your shoulder like this, you'll be much more comfortable!” and show you exactly what I mean. I can hold your baby while you practice with my very realistic weighted doll. I can spot you and help you and support you while you put your baby on your back for the first time. You can get the hands-on help you need to see how simple, fun, and comfortable babywearing can be!

Free in-person help can also provide many of these same benefits. But stores and babywearing meetings can be busy and crowded, and they are only available at very specific and limited times and places. At stores especially, they may only be familiar with the brands that they sell, and the bottom line is they only get paid if they sell you a carrier.

With a Bluebird Babywearing private session, you get my undivided attention for however long you hire me for. I have a flexible schedule so we can always find a time and place to meet that fits in your schedule and life. I can even come to your home to meet with you! And I have a selection of carriers, but through my experience I am also very familiar with many, many other brands and carrier types, and I will not hesitate to recommend whichever carrier I think will work best for you. The buckle carriers I have in my library include ones from Soul Slings, Babylonia, and Beco, but I am also very familiar with other brands including Ergo, Kinderpack, Lillebaby, Tula, and many more.

I have years of experience babywearing and teaching about babywearing, and I am also a trained educator through the Center for Babywearing Studies. Babywearing can be overwhelming, especially when you're getting started or when you're trying to learn a new skill, like wearing a newborn or wearing baby on your back. Teaching babywearing is my passion, and I would love the chance to help you work through those challenges and find out what babywearing can do for you !

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