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Cold weather babywearing

Summer is definitely over now! I love babywearing in the North Carolina fall. It's so nice to be able to go for a babywearing walk without getting ridiculously hot. As it gets colder though, how do you make sure you and baby can both stay comfortable while babywearing outside? Do you need a fancy, expensive babywearing coat?

I bought a babywearing vest but I've worn my kids outside in cool weather a million times while it has sat inside my closet collecting dust! The head hole never ends up being in the right place and it is so hard to zip that thing up. Don't get me wrong, I know many people love babywearing coats and there are lots of options out there that I haven't tried, but here's what I found worked for me instead...

With warm coat over both of us

For tiny babies, if you're wearing them on your front, just wearing a jacket that is stretchy or a little big for you works really well! As long as you can zip it up enough to cover their arms and legs, that's plenty for most NC weather, and you can add a hat if needed. You can see here that's how I got out with my newborn daughter who was born in the middle of winter. It was so cozy for both of us, and it helped me make sure she was comfortable because we were cocoooned together, at the same temperature.

Once they get bigger that doesn't work so well though, and it doesn't work at all on your back! So for those situations I love layers and accessories

Fingerless gloves and scarf

  • Winter accessories for you! Hats, gloves/mittens, and scarves, are really fantastic for you, the wearer, because you can take them on and off without disturbing the child! It's so much easier to adjust than if you have a jacket or sweater on under your carrier.

  • I especially love fingerless gloves. They don't keep you quite as warm, but you can easily buckle and unbuckle a carrier, or a carseat, without taking them off, and that's a major win!

  • Winter accessories for the child. Their head tends to be very exposed, so hats are really helpful. The other place that tends to get cold is feet and legs, especially because pants always ride up when they go in the carrier, often leaving a little spot of bare legs! Long socks, tights, legewarmers, and warm slippers or boots are all pieces I've found really helpful for keeping those parts warm.

  • A light layer that you can easily put over both of you. I loved using a babywearing blanket, it's a nice light layer to help baby stay warm without making you hot. In the pic below the yard work was keeping me warm, but my daughter needed a couple extra layers, and the blanket was perfect! It has some buttons holding it on in front.

In hats, gloves, and babywearing blanket

Here are some of the products I’ve used for all of this:

--Cotton legwarmers. Not that warm, but affordable and come in lots of cute patterns, especially if you have one of those coupons from Babylegs for five free pair.

--Wool legwarmers. Not cheap, but nice and warm, I bought mine from Nui organics but there are lots of similar ones.

--The trick for boots/slippers are finding some that don’t fall off, are warm, and aren’t too slippery to walk in. I found that pretty hard to find, and it’s not fun to try to hike while your baby’s boots keep on falling off! I like the Hanna Anderson ones.

--I got a babywearing blanket from my local babywearing friend at Austere Twist!

--And who doesn’t want some adorable rainbow socks?!

What are your favorite tricks for staying comfortable while wearing your babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers outside in the fall and winter?

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