Sarah is passionate about babywearing and about showing you how it can make taking care of babies, toddlers, and even older children, easier and more fun! She is eager to hear your story and help you figure out how babywearing can best fit into your life. Everyone has different needs and interests, and she uses her years of experience using baby carriers, as well as reading and talking about them, to help you find the carriers that will work best for you!

Sarah has been babywearing since 2011, and helping others learn how as a volunteer with Triangle Babywearers (formerly Babywearing International of the Triangle) since 2012.


She was first introduced to babywearing when she was looking for parenting tools to help her take care of her son, who as a baby absolutely refused to nap in his crib for more than 30 minutes and generally seemed to want to be held every second! Babywearing allowed him to cuddle with her and nap on her while leaving her hands free, a literally life-changing combination at the time.


Babywearing, she soon realized, is an incredibly versatile parenting tool, helpful from day one all the way through toddlerhood and beyond. Not only that, it became a hobby and passion, and having the time to explore it in depth and share it with others has been one of her favorite parts of being a stay-at-home mother.


Before motherhood, she received a PhD in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006, and worked as a research economist 2006-2011. When she felt ready to return to work, she chose to follow her new passion and turn babywearing into her new career!

Training and Experience

  • Triangle Babywearers (formerly Babywearing International of the Triangle)

    • Volunteer Babywearing Educator, 2015 - present. Roles have included Chapter President (2015), Location Librarian, and Diversity Committee founder.

    • Chapter support volunteer, 2012 - 2015

  • Center for Babywearing Studies

    • Foundations Course, June 2017

  • International Babywearing Conference 2016

    • Attended sessions including tips on teaching back wrapping; finding the right carrier for the plus size caregiver: industry professionals edition; group teaching for the introvert; medically complex children can benefit from babywearing too! Troubleshooting help for those with special children; and integrating professional and volunteer work.

A note on inclusivity and cultural appropriation

Bluebird Babywearing strives to be inclusive in all ways and affirm all people regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, gender identity, body shape, socioeconomic status, or any other of their individual characteristics. The ways I do this include being inclusive in my marketing and information; providing carriers that will fit a broad range of body shapes and sizes; using the names that are most respectful of a carrier's origin; teaching with carriers made by companies who share these values; keeping my prices as low as possible; and providing a range of services at different price points.

Unfortunately, the babywearing I teach is based on cultural appropriation. Many of the companies that were important in the revival of babywearing in the US and other places over the last few decades stole the designs and ideas from other cultures. Does that mean I shouldn't be teaching it, or that we shouldn't be using these carriers? I don't believe so, because it is such a unique and beneficial tool for parenting, giving it up is too drastic.

However, I do have a responsibility to do what I can to stop perpetuating this cultural appropriation and to support ethical, socially responsible companies as much as possible. So those are the companies whose carriers you will find in my teaching collection! They are also all great carriers, because there are many fantastic companies I'm proud to support.

#TakeBackTheRebozo #YourIndioIsRacist #NotYourPodBuTai

Brands that are represented in my teaching collection:

  • Babylonia

  • Beachfront Baby

  • Beco

  • Butterfly Baby Co.

  • Ethos

  • Moby

  • Pink Nova

  • Soul Slings

  • Wrapsody

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